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Why write automated tests?

Automated tests give you confidence in the piece of code you write. Sometimes we write code that works locally then push to production. However, changes made breaks entirely different parts of the project.
Someone else on your team might have written these parts of the project, but your changes caused conflicts. Testing prevents this.

There are different types of tests: unit tests, integration tests, functional tests, end-to-end tests, and many more.

What is unit testing?

Using a car as an analogy, we all know that a car comprises of different components (Unless you live in a tree 🤪). …

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here may not necessarily reflect best practices

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We write a lot of code for simple API calls. Getting data from an API in react/react-native applications usually involves some convoluted number of steps; usually, we have three states of the action (initialization/request, success, failed). The leads us to have three different action-creators and reducers.

Which follows these steps:

Action-Initiated — Initiates API request; update store via reducer.

Action-Success — Do something with the result if request is a success, then dispatch an action. Reducer updates the redux-store.

Action-Failed — Do something with the result of…

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React-Native is developed with performance in mind however there are still some areas and practices that can shed extra performance.

In this guide, we will discuss some performance issues and fixes.
Before we go into optimization tips; what exactly are we trying to optimize? In the context of react native, we are mostly concerned about the frame rate of our mobile app; this directly influences the responsiveness and experience of our users.

What is frame rate?

Remember those cool little flipbooks where a pad of paper had an image on every page; as you flip through the pages quickly, the image would appear to…

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Waking up every day feeling guilty, disappointed, accusing myself of being lazy because I couldn’t get most of the things I had set to accomplish before the end of the previous day, maybe I’m too hard on myself or maybe I’m just trying to get too many things done, well maybe just maybe.

And so I decided I need to own my time, deliberately cut out time-wasting activities, stop getting work done and also drifting off into Twitter, Instagram or YouTube in the middle of actually getting something done. …

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